Software As A Service

SQBX is at the leading edge of how today's business applications are delivered. Being completely web-based means no software installation is required on your computers or servers. No expensive investment in database or application servers is required. In fact you don't even have to worry about archiving or backing up your data. Real-time support is available with just a click of your mouse. And your software is always updated with the latest features since we're relentlessly working to keep SQBX the best package tracking system available.

Some of the world's most admired companies trust our systems for managing important inbound packages and mail. Our customers are raving over the simplicity and speed of SQBX.

Scan >> Receive >> Deliver >> Capture Signature

Scan the carrier tracking number on incoming packages, select the recipient, and enter any other data required by your organization. This data is instantly available to anyone in your organization. SQBX can even send an email or a cell phone text message to the recipient when the package is received. when you're ready to deliver the package you can capture the recipient's signature using a mobile computer or desktop signature pad.

Advanced Technology And Superior Performance

Our system uses the newest available technologies. We've engineered SQBX from the ground up to provide global secure visibility of your organization's packages from receipt to delivery. We support the widest range of operating systems and the largest cross-section of mobile computers. Our mobile computers support wired, wireless, and mobile broadband connections providing visibility virtually anywhere cell phones can reach.

World Wide Secure Visibility

  • Completely web based
  • Global secure visibility
  • Administrator, operator, and view only users
  • Unlimited users

Extensive Features

  • New features added at no extra charge
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Auto-recognition of carrier tracking numbers
  • Record images of packages to document damages
  • Send an e-mail to the recipient on receipt
  • Send a text message to the recipient's cell phone on receipt
  • Super fast package research
  • Capture and store signatures for proof of delivery
  • Includes senders database
  • Includes storage locations database
  • Lock fields to reduce typing
  • Quick receive for large shipments
  • Recipient can sign for one or many packages
  • Optional powerful route management

Delivery Management That's Customizable

  • Your company logo and customized banner displays
  • Easily customize the receiving screen in seconds
  • Tag fields with your descriptions
  • Create your own watermark to display behind each signature
  • Create your own custom list with MyList
  • Customization requests always entertained

Fast Installation And Real-time Support

  • No software to install
  • SQBX can be ready to use in under one hour
  • Little or no IT involvement required
  • Support requests handled quickly
  • Remote control support available on the website as well as the mobile computer

Accessorize Your SQBX

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