Where is SQBX?

Freight companies and couriers typically deliver to specified receiving areas within an organization (warehouse, reception, mail room). These employees shoulder the responsibility of proving that a package was actually delivered to the internal recipient. Important documents, time sensitive packages, and personal property are often handled by these employees who feel secure in knowing proof of delivery is easily demonstrated. And the fact that this proof of delivery can be instantly found even for receipts several years old is even more assuring.

SQBX is successfully deployed across a wide range of businesses, however below is a sampling of where SQBX can be commonly found.

Organizations With Employee Staffed Mailrooms

Larger organizations often handle mail and packages for many employees. Typically this occurs in large buildings, multi-building campus settings, or across multiple floors. Employee turnover or movement could present problems for correctly delivering packages. Sometime multiple delivery routes are set up to ensure efficient mail delivery. SQBX assists these organizations by easily updating employee information, their delivery locations, and if required the correct delivery route.

Hotels And Resorts

Hotels and resorts handle other people's property and convention business. Hotel guests and conventioneers are often looking for their shipments. To place a guest on hold while a shipment is researched goes against the service policies these organizations implement to ensure repeat business. Worse, losing guest property can result in a loss of business.

SQBX allows hotels and resorts to quickly receive and route a package to the guest. Since SQBX is web-based the conciege, hotel security, as well as the front desk often have access to answer guest questions promptly. SQBX can also produce a chargeable report for all packages received for a guest or group if this is provided as a value added service.

Colleges And Universities

Colleges and unversities are unique in that they may incorprate the challenges facing both of the entities above. These organizations have large and sometimes dispersed campuses requiring routing of deliveries often involving vehicles. In addition they handle student property through separately staffed mailrooms. Since SQBX Enterprise Package Tracking System is web-based it can easily handle both operations at the most cost effective price.


Hospitals face a unique challenge receiving property and packages for a multitude of individuals including patients, doctors, and staff. Gifts, specimen, and X-Rays are just afew of the items tracked by SQBX in hospitals.

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