About Us

SQBX is crafted by the Artisans at Ubiquia.

Ubiquia (you-bick-we-ah) propellerheads engineer web-based and mobile driven applications from the beautiful deserts of Arizona and the roaming countrysides of the United Kingdom. Based in offices in Phoenix, AZ and Cambridge, UK we challenge each other each day to deliver leading edge technology in an easy to use format.

Our customers enjoy first class software applications delivered via the Internet as an SaaS (Software As A Service) application. Being web based means there is virtually no software to install on your desktop PC. Simply point your web browser to our secure web servers and you’re ready to go. Your data is managed in our world class data center and is backed up daily to ensure we maintain the highest level of security and protection available. That’s why some of the largest companies and government entities trust our web based solutions.

We relish the opportunities our customers bring and welcome new challenges. Visit Ubiquia!

Ubiquia Inc